Layer Tennis

What's it all about?

Layer Tennis is a live design event in real-time where two competitors battle it out to better the others creative work – think of it like two people trying to outdo each other in a slanging match but instead by using video, animation, sound, photos, type and lots more. The event
is sponsored by Adobe Creative Suite and produced by Coudal Partners.

The rules and voting

Each artist is given 15 minutes to work on the same file and embellish it before ‘Volleying’ it back to the rival to work on and so forth, until each has volleyed five times.

The file in turn is posted to the site live where fans can assess the game while it happens. Fans then vote via the site or by Twitter and the winner is then declared.

I’ve decided feature a match between Jessica Hische (typographic genious, designer and illustrator based in Brooklyn, NY who loves cats and the internet) and Mig Reyes (talented graphic and interactive designer from Chicago who works for a cool T-Shirt company).

We start with Jessica, then Mig and so on.

Some great banter here from both but the last frame above by Mig is sheer genious where he has used Photoshop’s levels palette to spell out friends.

To find out who won and for full commentary on this match, head over to where you can also see other matches that have taken place as well as those that are up and coming. The BIG final is on 17th December, 2010.

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